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Starting from a specification or a sample of the board or complete system, Tekp Solutions can provide a quotation for the assembly work complemented, if required, by the supply of the needed components including housings.

The complete scope of our offer covers the procurement and source of components, the assembly, test, packaging, storage and shipping to the end customer.


 If you are looking for prototyping and small to medium series of equipments, then you are at the right vendor. Our production engineering services will industrialise your need from the pilot-run up to the production phase.

 We are prepared for the manual assembly of trough hole components and small series of boards with SMD type components.


Our offer can be complemented with the assembly, in France and within our group, for the medium to large series of SMD type components plus final assembly in Portugal.

The capability of developing and make of assembly jigs is also a service that we can provide.

Testing can be done with our own equipment, if compatible, or have a solution including your own test devices.

 You may consider the manual assembly of other electrical or electronic devices as an advantage to your continuos look for cheaper alternatives made in Europe.

 Prices will be determined in a case by case basis based on the number of components, type, component pre-processing, test and assembly times. The source of components will be charged with 3% mark-up to cover procurement, storage and financial costs.

The procurement will be done locally for the bulky components facilitating your access to local suppliers.




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