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   SMD components packaging (tape & reel)
   Marking and tagging of components
   PCB's Production*

TEKP SOLUTIONS invites you to meet its facility in Portugal dedicated to sub-contract of small and medium series in the professional electronics as well as taking the profits of a quality and flexible work at a competitive cost in Europe.

  This facility, set-up in 1981 for the manufacturing of tantalum capacitors, is nowadays, also dedicated to other products . The plant is 2000m2 and based at Cascais (20 minutes from Lisbon).


Our experience in sub-contracting since 1995 in the military field, space and professional electronics taught us how to work for an extremely exigent group of clients in what concerns quality, delays and flexibility.


what will you get when working with us?


  •        Flexibility in the variation of production and products

  •        An extremely competitive price

  •        Delays accordingly to the acknowledged date

  •        Follow up of your specifications

  •        Transparency and confidentiality in the industrial relationships


Take the profits of the lowest labor cost in Europe (for example we sell our hour at ~ 76FF/hour or 11,6 Euros/hour), deliveries in 15h for the major cities in Europe and 48h to other cities. Transports using courier services like DHL, UPS or TNT at competitive prices profiting of our high level of daily expeditions.

Our working legislation and organization allow us to a flexibility in the working hours, from 33 to 47 hours/week as well as to assure you with a capacity during Summer vacations.


What we can offer :


  •   Manual operations using standard tools or with your specific devices.

  •    Final electric control tests or in between operations

  •   Procurement of components to specified suppliers or looking for new suppliers

  •   Packing operations (ex. tape and reel of SMD type components)

  •   Direct shipping to your customers


Some operations done in our factory
Some testing means that might be of interest
* New service
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