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  •   Assembly, tuning, test, and tape and reel of circulators for application in hyper frequencies.

  •   Assembly, test and packing of Air-trimmer capacitors.

  •   Assembly of diodes for hyper frequencies in clean-room by « ball-bonding » technology. Visual and electric inspection as well as packing of silicon dies.

  •   S/C Cut of synthetic quartz blanks (resonators)

  •   Polishing and tuning of quartz resonators

  •   Final assembly and test of tantalum capacitors (CECC types CTS4, CTS41 and CTC1/2).

  •   Assembly of leads, external coating, test and marking of ceramic capacitors

  •   Manufacturing of leads with nickel wire according to customer specifications

  •   Tuning, final test and finishing operations of Voltage Controlled Oscillators.

  •   Manufacturing and testing of coaxial cable components according to customer specifications

  •   Manual assembly of SMD type components as well as trough hole in small to medium size series




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