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  • Clean-room with 144 m2 with temperature and humidity control

  • Equipment for semiconductor Industry: lead bounders, die bounders, vacuum oven sealer from SST, final sealer by electric welding and final test equipment.

  •  Transfer printing machines from Marquem and Tampo-Print

  •  Network analyzers (300 Khz- 3Ghz) HP8753A and Wiltron 6409

  •  Reflow solder oven.

  •  Ultrasound cleaning machines

  •  Vertical saws with diamond saw, and grinding machines

  •  X ray Goniometer with double head (RIGAKU and Secasi)

  •  RLC bridges for 1 Khz and 1 Mhz. (HP and Wayne Kerr)

  •  Climatic test chambers for thermal cycles

  •  Test chamber for damp heat test

  •  X ray analyzers for failure analysis

  •  Tape and reel machines from Systemation



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