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These operations may be performed as a complement of other subcontracting services we provide, or as an individual operation.

The marking of the components is done by transfer-printing, in any color. We can also tag components with personalized tags, as long as these tags are referenced.

We can make manual marking whenever the graphics on the tag are very simple.

We are equipped with the following marking equipment :

  •     1   Teca-Print mod. 70

  •     1   Teca-Print mod. 60

  •     1   Miedl & Schnall ELP100

  •     1   Tampo-Print 

  •     1   Printing international LTO 100P

  •     1   Markem 00-AD

  •     1   Brady THT 300-X Plus (tags up to 90 mm width) 

  •     1   Eltron International LP-2242 ( Tags up to 90 mm width)

TEKP SOLUTIONS has the means to produce low relief clichés for alphanumeric characters and we can aquire high relief clichés with graphical requisites.

Presently we mark  ceramic capacitors ( epoxy surfaces), small metal boxes for electronic modules, ceramic ressonators, tantalum capacitors( color code dots ), diodes ( polarity identification ).

On tagging we use metalized poliester tags to identify hiperfrequency  components and adjustable capacitor boxes ( with bar codes ).

For larger production volumes we can develop automation solutions, to reduce costs and price of the final product.


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