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In this activity we do the packaging of SMD components, small and medium size batches,  into a tape and reel system.

Knowing that these are low weight  and low volume components and given the low cost of our intervention, the transportation cost will not make it an impractical operation.

We use tapes from 3M, Advantech, Val de Loire Electronique e Roth.


We propose a study of the most suited tape system for your components and the financial participation on the necessary tools, We can also enquire our suppliers for the standard tape that suites your needs.


Based on a production program, we acquire and manage the stock so that we can render the packaging service within 24h to 48h, depending on the required quantity. 


Because this is a terminal operation, TEKP SOLUTIONS may dispatch the production, to the final client, anywhere in the world using courrier transportation ( DHL, UPS, TNT, ... ).

The available equipment allow us to process conductive or non-conductive ( poliester) tape, the sealing may be thermal or adhesive. We can handle tapes from 8mm to 56mm width.  

All the components manipulation is manual, for both oriented or non-oriented components, this makes us competitive in what concerns oriented components that demand complex, and expensive, vision systems, not always available for small and medium size batches.


We handle  over 7 million components/year, in two daily shifts, with our production capacity being increased recently.

All batches have their tape tested, the covering of the tape is submitted to a traction test, the results are available to our customers.

There should be a preparation cost only when the number of components to process is very small.


Available equipment :

    - 1 Systemation 400 SMD-taper

   - 1 Systemation MT-30 taper

   - 2 RRM Electronic services CTM 56 

   - 1 traction testingmachine MBL- fam



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